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Forum Rules: Please Read Before Posting

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Forum Rules: Please Read Before Posting

Mon Nov 14, 2016 6:15 am

We ask that you kindly follow these simple rules before posting here

1. Be respectful of others and their views even if they differs from yours
2. Do not create duplicate threads/topics. We suggest that you check if a topic already exists, however, the only forum excluded from this rule is Off The Pitch General discussions.
3. When creating threads or topics, please give a sensible title, avoid titles such as "help help help"
4. Nairascores reserves the right to ban anyone that do not adhere to forum rules

Let's make nairascores a great place to talk and play games, have fun :)

Disclaimer: Every Nairascores member is solely responsible for whatsoever he/she posts or uploads on Nairascores.

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